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A collection of technical articles and data 29th August 2013
Some very early items in the collection
Some more early items in the collection
Even more items in the collection
Some 110 Volt items in the collection more to be added soon
Some of my Boatanchor test equipment
Home made and kit built items I have built 11th May 2012
Phil builds a Mate
Phil's August 2010 holiday acquisitions
Stuff collected at the HRSA Radio Fest Canberra 2010
BRS Junior Recorder and Playback Unit type R-12-D, a BRS MagnoFilm TM-1
Would like help with these old items More detail or circuit diagrams
Some of my collection of old test equipment
Australian console radios, who actually made these ?
The HMV 471 table top radio
Remember the Fetron ?
Trio W-50 Super Delux Stereo Amplifier an interesting part of radio history
Kicad,a great open source electronic CAD package
The usual useful links page. Includes details on valve data, transformers and coils

A couple of photos of the inside of my Radio Room, mostly mantle radios one side and an audio desk, and test equipment on the other side with projects on the bench.


Like many "old radio" restorers I have a number of valve radios that have open circuit coils in the front end circuit. This occured because the fine wire used may be contaminated with acid from the hands of the operator that made them and they eventually corrode. Remember, this stuff was made by hand, very few manufacturers would have had any automated coil winding machines.
Searching the web for something quite different I stumbled on a company in the USA that sells reproductions of coils used in BC band receivers in the 1950's and originally made by a companty called Millar.
They are Antique Electronic Supply, 6221 S Maple Ave, Tempe, AZ 85283 USA and they can be found at

The first three are Universal Antenna, RF and Oscillator coils that have Adjustable inductance and the next two are examples of an older style Oscillator coil that is available in inductances of 125, 142 and 225 uHy.

I have quite a big collection of old radios, phonographs and parts including many valves and new 1930s components. As well as a big collection of mantle radios I have a number of Second World War era communications receivers and a few emergency services and ships two way radios, and some vintage test instruments. I still have many of the items I collected in my teen years when I was given most of the contents of a radio shop.

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